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Looking at the chart from a distance, my view is that 720-10 could be revisited. But please do remember that 730 approx is a double bottom too previously and that Mr Market is a ‘Class A’ bluff master and sometimes we call the bluff, sometimes we have to eat our views. Thats how it is.

Of course, I could be wrong, as I have been, many times. Mr. Market

Here is the chart, self explanatory (click here or on the image to enlarge)


Previously had a view which didn’t work out all the way though. Here it is.

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Dow Jones – A look

The EOD chart is displayed below. A triangle at the top has broken down. And a valid retest of the breakdown has been done too.

Of course, because of an event in the US mkts, the markets can play naughty and whip a bit too – lets see how it plays out, not recommending or expecting anything here.


Just to re-affirm, the hourly chart is given below. The retest has been done proper.


Now we wait for the index to make its move.

Credits to friend/trader Arun ( Twitter handle @HybridInvest ) for the idea.