Traders’ Carnival

Started in 2012, Traders’ Carnival is an annual event organized for the traders and by the traders, but more importantly, deep down from the heart of a few trader friends is what makes this annual event go ‘once you visit, never a miss’.

And it is this passion of these trader friends that has evolved the event over the years into more interesting ways, specially a Do It Yourself for budding traders, to come meet fellow traders all across the globe, stay with them, pick their brains, get ideas and understanding trading – from the pros and cons of a full time trading career to trading the markets not looking at the terminal but by looking at an excel sheet twice a day.

This meeting of traders, discussion of trading ideas, networking and socializing goes on till almost midnight and even later for the 2 nights the event is on. It shows the passion of the traders and the seniors and speakers there educate the newbies as well as the passion for  the master – Mr. Market.

The most important part of the event, the speakers are full time traders themselves and therefore a lot of experience and screen time, tip and tricks, market hacks etc are loaded into their presentations – something if one wants to learn hands on would take almost 2-5 years. And yes, the speakers are available at the venue full time till the event is on for any queries, follow ups etc and even later on mail etc.

There are a lot of other advantages of attending this event, and it can be seen by few participants having attended all of the events over the last 5 years which includes an international event at Bangkok, Thailand in 2016 which saw Jim Dalton giving a presentation for almost a whole day and available on demand at the venue for 2 nights, 3 days. The other venues were Bangalore 2012, Pune 2013, Goa 2014 & Mumbai 2015.

This year, Traders’ Carnival is being hosted at The Renaissance, Powai ­– 29th April to 1st May 2017. Registrations are currently live at the website and any queries can be directed to Dharmaraj at +91 84949 25324 or